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File Manipulation scripts 5


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Generic description: Download Systems Scripts

Download-A-File is a file downloading utility written in Perl. The program allows site owners to pro...

Author: · License Type: ·


Bennie Webdesign File Browser

Generic description: File Management Scripts

Use this simple file browser to explore the contents of your server directories. It'll show every fi...

Author: · License Type: ·


self split

Generic description: Utilities Scripts

This can split a file _in place_, which means: if you have a 700 MB movie, and you want to split it ...

Author: · License Type: ·'s FileManager

Generic description: File Management Scripts

FileManager is an easy to install, use, and manage your server files without an FTP program. You can...

Author: · License Type: ·


Auto Delete

Generic description: Utilities Scripts

This script allows yout to delete all files (in the specified directory) with file dates older than ...

Author: · License Type: ·


Upload Pro with ht protection

Generic description: File Management Scripts

Upload Pro with optional .ht protection is the most secure way for you and/or your clients to upload...

Author: · License Type: ·



Generic description: Download Systems Scripts

Perl EKFetch is a CGI script that fetches preset files on request and hides the download URL. A web-...

Author: · License Type: ·


Perl File Download

Generic description: Download Systems Scripts

PFD is a download program that keeps track of who downloads files from your site. You simply put a l...

Author: · License Type: ·


Upload Gold

Generic description: Upload Systems Scripts

Upload Gold is a robust client file upload manager with complete admin control. Includes member mana...

Author: · License Type: Commercial License ·


Controlled Access Upload Utility

Generic description: Upload Systems Scripts

Controlled Access Upload Utility, which allows Web browser users to upload files to a Web Server. Fu...

Author: · License Type: ·

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Top Downloads

JamUba ftpsync Script (244)
From category: File Manipulation scripts
JamUba ftpsync Script is a Perl utility to synchronize the hierarchy of local files and/or directori...
From category: File Management
Site Master is web based and platform independent file manager, which provides visual control over d...
csIncludes (70)
From category: File Management
csIncludes allows the user to manage server side includes (SSI) from one main area. Features: add, m...
ffileman (68)
From category: File Management
ffileman is a Web based file and directory manager. Features: You can edit, delete, rename, chmod an...
Backup Monitor (67)
From category: File Backup
RSYNC Backup front-end with Web Interface, email reports with attached summary or logfile. Simple to...
PS Upload (64)
From category: Upload Systems
PSUpload is a quick and easy to implement utility for permitting the upload of files (ASCII & Bi...
Dynamic FTP System (62)
From category: Upload Systems
UPDATE: v1.3.15 Now Available (Visit site to see updated features) The Dynamic FTP System is a u...
csDownload (54)
From category: Download Systems
csDownload is a Perl script that allows you to manage file downloads using custom forms. Features: M...
Web-FTP (52)
From category: File Management
web-FTP is a web interface to the FTP daemon. It supports multi-file downloads, uploads directory cr...
eUpload (51)
From category: Upload Systems
This script allows for people using browsers that are RFC1867 compliant to upload files directly thr...
Control Panel (49)
From category: File Management
Control Panel is an easy to use web site administration program for Unix servers. It allows your use...
Inscripts Update Check (48)
From category: Utilities
Update Check dynamically checks for files which are updated in a particular folder specified by you....
Schlabo's Scripts - Download (DL) (47)
From category: Download Systems
Schlabo's DL is a fully featured download counter for your files. It features: Comfortable Logs wher...
fleXchange (47)
From category: Utilities
FleXchange is a Perl script to recursively change permissions (and owning) of a file system's sub-tr...
Replicate (46)
From category: Download Systems
The script gets the names of the files to download, from the file "list.txt". Each of the ...
Upload Lite (46)
From category: Upload Systems
Easily upload files to your server from your web page. Set file size and type restrictions as well a...
EWD autoDeleter (46)
From category: Utilities
This program allows the user to specify a list of directories and a list of extensions. The program ...
Perl File Indexer (45)
From category: File Management
The program indexes files on the hard drive (given a list of extensions to look for) and then lets t...
txt2pdf (44)
From category: PDF
txt2pdf is a very flexible and powerful PERL5 program to convert old txt, spool, text, textual repor...
FTP Manager: Web based cgi ftp client (43)
From category: File Management
FTP Manager is a web based FTP client CGI script. With this FTP Manager you can administer your site...

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